The problem of the Week:

For *20 GP* You have only 1 chance!

A street that is 30 m long has a chestnut tree planted every 6 m on both sides. Each tree is about 10 m high. How many chestnut trees are there on the entire street?


  • 3.3: Rounding decimals
  • 3.3: Estimating and approximating sums and differences


  1. Decimals p.98 to 100
  2. Watch the video on Edpuzzle: "Rounding decimals"
  3. Netmaths' activities sent on January 18th
  4. Math mystery "Case of the disappearing donuts" Clue 1
  5. Leçon 8: "Regarde bien le dernier chiffre". Gymnastique mentale A. Correct yourself.


When you are all finished:

  • Prodigy
  • Math mysteries
  • Logic games! (chess or sudoku, alone or in team!)
  • Genius Hour



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