Pour la fête de la Terre, voici les défis proposés aux élèves de chaque groupe par le comité environnement.  De l'argent pour le festival d'espagnol et/ou un privilège de groupe seront accordés selon les bingos réalisés.

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Start reviewing for the math exam next week


Relax and play outside!





1. 'How To.....presentation. You may work on your presentation at home if you need to! Some presentations such as washing a car, doing laundry, etc. will require you to do some work at home. As I mentioned in class, your presentation should have some visuals (video, etc.) but you will be orally presenting your work as well! Have fun and be creative with this project!

** The presentations will be due for Friday, June 1st. We will present a few each day in class. 

This is the schedule for the Video Fridays! Make sure to check when it will be YOUR turn!
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