Global Math Week

The problem of the week:


  • 6.3: Describing and classifying prisms and pyramids using faces, vertices and edges
  • 6.4: Nets of solids or convex polyhedrons
  • 6.5: Testing Euler's theorem on convex polygons


  1. In Decimals B, p.90-92-93-94-97
  2. Netmaths sent on May 25th
  3. Correct Math test 5.1 to 5.7
  4. End of year review p.116 to 128 (Work on the memory aid for the MEES exams. You have the right to have one page recto-verso)

When you are all finished:

  • End of year review p.112 to 128 (memory aid)
  • Prodigy
  • Math homework
  • Genius Hour
  • Khan Academy
  • Netmath's missions or "énigmes"
  • Reflex math
  • Swift playground
  • Express course: Navigate to and type in the section code: QNPVNL