The problem of the week: *for 30 GP*

A baseball and a bat cost 110$. If the bat costs 100$ more than the ball, how much do they each cost?


  • 3.3: Rounding decimals
  • 3.3: Estimating and approximating sums and differences


  1. Decimals p.100 to 102
  2. Netmaths' activities sent on January 18th
  3. Math Mystery: Case of the heartbreak hitman. Clue 1
  4. Watch the Edpuzzle video "Rounding decimals"
  5. Leçon 26: "Remarque les neufs". Gymnastique mentale A. Correct yourself.


When you are all finished:

  • Prodigy
  • Math mysteries
  • Logic games! 
  • Genius Hour

Mental math answer key