Global Math Week

The problem of the week:

A firefighter is standing on the middle bar of a ladder to extinguish a fire. As the smoke gets less dense, he climbs up 3 bars. An explosion occurs and forces him to go down 5 bars. A few minutes later, he is able to climb 7 bars. Finally, the fire is out and the firefighter can climb the last 6 bars. 


How many bars are there in total in the ladder? 


  • 5.1: Reading and Writing Integers
  • 5.1: Locating Integers on a Number line
  • 5.1: Comparing Integers
  • 5.2: Estimating and Measuring Temperatures


  1. In Decimals B, p.43 to 51
  2. Netmaths sent on April 20th
  3. Watch the video on Edpuzzle due for April 26th
  4. Solve logic puzzle "Easy#4" and correct yourself with the code.
  5. Create a note if you have to!


Charles, Vincent, Charles-Émeric

  • Charles will open the note taking template on classroom and share it with her teammates. They will create a note on section 5.1 and 5.2 and he will turn it in.

When you are all finished:

  • Prodigy
  • Math homework
  • Genius Hour
  • Khan Academy
  • Netmath's missions or "énigmes"
  • Reflex math
  • Swift playground
  • Express course: Navigate to and type in the section code: QNPVNL